Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the frequently asked questions. In case you have more questions, you can drop us a mail and we will answer you as soon as possible

Kite Camps and Courses

We recommend for you the Basic Beginner Course.

In this course you will learn to control the kite and its power in a safe manner. Once you master the control of the kite, we will teach you how to get on the board.

We also strongly recommend the Kite Camps. In this camps we do 4-5 hours everyday during 6 days.

If you like to spend a good time in a group and want to learn how to kitesurf with like-minded people, this will be your thing. During the kite camps, you will spend as much time on the water as you can and practice every day.
You will also do ventures together and explore island together with our team.

In the hour based courses, you book a hour package. Once finished, you can book more hours or rent equipment if your level is safe enough.

The kite camp is a 6 days week course. We do around 4-5 hours of kiting per day.
It starts Sundays and ends Fridays on specific dates, check the schedule here.
We also do theory units during no wind days. Besides that, we organize excursions with the kite camp group.

Yes, you can do one with us.
As we are a certified VDWS School, we offer to get a license after each course.
The license includes the VDWS Learn Book and costs 50€.
The license only costs 35€.

If you booked a course and you cannot use the time on the water, we will offer you a voucher, which you can use in your next visit or at any other Primesurf center.

For Kite Camps we do not offer refunds. During no wind time, we will do interesting theory lessons and explain different things about equipment, wind, technique and more things. We will also do some excursions with the group and keep you occupied.

We are only offering refunds in case of an injury. You need to present us a medical attest.

Vouchers are valid for one year.

Independent riders and rentals

We would recommend bringing your own wetsuit, but we also have rental wetsuits at the school from size XS to size XL.

April-End of May: 5/4 or 5/3
June-August: 4/3
September: 5/3
From October: 5/4

During the cold months, like April, May and October, we would recommend shoes because of the temperatures. Also, the ground tends to be muddy, so it may be more comfortable wearing shoes. You can buy shoes cheaply at our school, as we are not allowed to lend them out for hygienic reasons.

The average kite size on Fehmarn is 8-12m. If you have any questions before your arrival, don’t hesitate to ask us!

We have 2 kind of rates

Online rates: You can book at discounted prices if you book online. This rate you can only book consecutive days.
For example: 10 days from 1 of May to 7 May = 315€

Benefits: cheaper prices, secure equipment
Cons: no refund on no wind days

On site rates: This rates allows you to book the days you want. You pay a fix price of 70€ per day.

Benefits: you pay what you use.
Cons: you cannot reserve equipment

In our school you will find the following kite sizes: 5-15m.

You are welcome to also bring your own equipment and store it in the kite house.

Travel and more

Please contact us if you have any questions about your arrival and departure. Either you come with your own car or you take the train. Alternatively, the nearest airport is in Hamburg. If you arrive by plane, we recommend you to rent a car from Hamburg. From there it takes about 2 hours to get to Fehmarn.

Either you bring your own bed linen and towels or you rent them from us on site for 20€.

We definitely recommend a rental car so that you can explore the island when there is no wind and you can also go by yourself to the next supermarket or restaurant.

You can rent a bike directly at the Prime Surfhouse: 15 Euro/ day. If you are part of the kite camp, the bikes are included.

Our SUP’s are included in the accommodation!

Every guest gets their own place in the fridge as well as in our food locker.

There is free WiFi in the house for you.



You rent our equipment for the whole day and can change your kite and board size according to the wind during the day. In our kite school you will always find someone who will give you tips and recommendations for the right kite.
Same applies for wingfoil.
For renting you need a license, which corresponds to the VDWS-Level 5, as well as a deposit object e.g. your identity card or driver’s license.



✓  A wide range of kites from Core and Duotone
✓  Available sizes from 5m² to 15m²
✓  Boards from Duotone, Core, Carved and Deluxe in different sizes
✓  Surfboards from Core, Duotone and CubeBoards (our own surfboard brand)
✓  Foilboards
✓  Waist harnesses & seat harnesses in all sizes from Ion
✓  Wetsuits in all sizes


✓ Wings from Duotone and Core Kiteboarding
✓ Foils and SUPs from Fanatic and Core

Full Rental Equipment 90,00 €
Kite only 60,00 €
Board only 30,00 €
Bar only 20,00 €
Wetsuit only 15,00 €
Harness only 15,00 €
Wingfoil 95,00 €

Gruppe kite camp prime surf freunde spass kiten kitesurf nordsee

Kite Camps

Kite Camps

Our camps give you the opportunity to make the best progress in kiting. During the kite camp, different kite levels train together on the water for 4-5 hours on 6 consecutive days. Our VDWS-licensed instructors will assist you the whole time on the water. Together we also explore the island, go for a bike ride and cook together in the evening before reflecting on the day.


✓  6 days intensive group course, 4-5 hours training per day
✓  4-6 participants per instructor
✓  Suitable for all levels: Beginners, water starters and advanced / VDWS Level 0-7
✓  Professional support through VDWS-licensed instructors
✓  Premium equipment from Core and Duotone
✓ Interesting theory chapters during moments where the wind is not ideal or no windy days.
✓ Free Bike & SUP for participants
✓  Organization of activities with the group during no-wind days: bike tour and SUP Tour (free of charge), Cable park trip (costs extra)
✓ Kite Event Goodie

Price: 660€

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Prime Surfhouse

The Prime Surfhouse Fehmarn is the heart of our kite community. From here we start together the day and your course. Our home spot is right in front of the door! From your room you can see directly onto the water. Together we will experience many wonderful hours, great evenings and successful kite sessions.

In our Surfhouse, you will find a large, fully equipped kitchen and an extra fridge for your cold drinks after the session! So you are always completely flexible and can eat what and when you want. The nearest supermarket is in Petersdorf, about five minutes away by car.

Nevertheless, we will often spend the evenings together with nice BBQs or cooking evenings. So if you feel like it, you can cook together with us.

✓ Self-catering
✓ Completely renovated in 2020/21
✓ Spacious, modern rooms
✓ Communal kitchen/beverage fridge
✓ Garden area for grilling & chilling
✓ Free Wifi

✓ Storage for kitesurfing equipment
✓ SUP’s free use
✓ Bicycle rental
✓ Final cleaning included
✓ Free parking spaces

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Premium Room

This room is equipped with a private bathroom, is located on the ground floor and has a separate exit to the garden.

✓ Suitable for 1-2 persons
✓ Room size 13 m2
✓ Private bathroom
✓ TV
✓ Large double bed
✓ Bed linen and towels not included (they can be booked extra for 20€ surcharge)

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Standard Rooms

Room 2 and 3 are identical and share outside of the room a common bathroom. It is located on the ground floor and has a view to the water.

✓ Suitable for 1-2 persons
✓ Room size 10 m2
✓ Shared bathroom
✓ Two single beds
✓ Bed linen and towels not included (they can be booked extra for 20€ surcharge)

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Premium Room

This room is located on the first floor and shares a spacious bathroom with room 5.

✓ Suitable for 1-2 persons
✓ Room size 20 m2
✓ Shared bathroom
✓ Large double bed
✓ Bed linen and towels not included (they can be booked extra for 20€ surcharge)

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Family & Friends Room

Room 5 is located on the first floor and shares a spacious bathroom with room 4. There are two separate rooms and a balcony, so it is perfect for families or friends. The view from the window is directed to the kitespot.

✓ Category Family & Friends
✓ Suitable for 2-4 persons
✓ Two rooms (water view and balcony)
✓ Room size 24m² & 18m²
✓ Shared bathroom
✓ Large double bed & two single beds
✓ TV
✓ Bed linen and towels not included (these can be booked extra for 20€ surcharge)

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Price Infos

The prices are updated daily and may change. Please check our booking system.

Double occupancy: For each additional person in the room, a flat rate of 20 € per day is due.

All rooms can be used as double rooms.

The Family & Friends room can be booked for up to 4 people.


Kitesurfing Courses

On Fehmarn we offer kite courses for beginner and intermediate level. Or you can book an individual lesson. During your course, we provide you with everything necessary such as wetsuit or helmet. All our kitesurfing instructors are VDWS-licensed and always happy to support you. We can offer kite courses in German and English. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about learning kitesurfing or your personal kite level.

Wing Courses

We also offer wingfoil courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. You will be taught with the latest equipment from Core, Duotone and Fanatic. We provide you with everything necessary such as wetsuit, impact vest and helmet in our kite school. We can offer you wing courses in German and English. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about learning wingfoiling or your personal level.