You rent our equipment for the whole day and can change your kite and board size according to the wind during the day. In our kite school you will always find someone who will give you tips and recommendations for the right kite.
Same applies for wingfoil.
For renting you need a license, which corresponds to the VDWS-Level 5, as well as a deposit object e.g. your identity card or driver’s license.



✓  A wide range of kites from Core and Duotone
✓  Available sizes from 5m² to 15m²
✓  Boards from Duotone, Core, Carved and Deluxe in different sizes
✓  Surfboards from Core, Duotone and CubeBoards (our own surfboard brand)
✓  Foilboards
✓  Waist harnesses & seat harnesses in all sizes from Ion
✓  Wetsuits in all sizes


✓ Wings from Duotone and Core Kiteboarding
✓ Foils and SUPs from Fanatic and Core

Full Rental Equipment 90,00 €
Kite only 60,00 €
Board only 30,00 €
Bar only 20,00 €
Wetsuit only 15,00 €
Harness only 15,00 €
Wingfoil 95,00 €