The land of never ending downwinders

Are you ready to discover the most beautiful kitespots along the coast of Brazil with us?
Let’s pack the Pick Ups and set off for an unforgettable adventure!
Together we will head into a kitesurfing safari with stops at 3 different spots, countless downwinders and one or the other caipirinha. Brazil is well known for its steady and consistent winds, warm temperatures and long waves.
A place to be for everyone who enjoys to kite in the wave and loves to do downwinders. There will also be an 6-day kite camp that we offer in Taiba if you want to improve your skills on the board. We will spend a great time in a group with like-minded people, discover beautiful places and enjoy the non stop wind every single day.

Safari do Brasil

4 Spots
-  Taiba
-  Emboaca
-  Moitas
-  Prea / Jeri

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Let the adventure begin

Every year in October and November we will go on a journey to wind paradise together. Our kite safari and the kite camp will offer you a nonstop kitesurfing with professional support. You will travel light, because we always have the latest kitesurfing equipment from Duotone and Core Kiteboarding available for you. Together we will not only go for the best downwinders but also enjoy barbecues and caipirinhas with you after the sessions.
Let us show you the most beautiful kite spots in Brasil!

Kite Camp & Kite Safaris

This year there will be two times a 2-week kite safari and one 1-week kite camp in between.

You can expect an adventurous kitesurfing safari with stops at 3 different spots and beautiful downwinders.
We will travel along the coast and explore the kite spots in Emboaca, Moitas and Préa together in a group of like-minded people. You will experience a variety of spots and spend every minute on the water!

In between of the 1st and 2nd Safari, a one week camp in Taiba will take place. This spot offers you many different spots from flat water and lagoons to clean waves. Together we will improve your skills on the twintip or waveboard and make new progress every day. You can expect a camp with lots of time and fun on the water, individual learning successes and supervised kitesurfing by our professional instructors. Our downwinders along the coast to Paracuru provide you with the best learning conditions.


Taiba has it all. At this spot you will find everything what your kitesurfing heart desires. Together we will explore Taibinha, the well known wave spot in the north of Taiba. The lagoon of Taiba offers perfect flat water conditions, where you can freestyle and watch some pro athletes training. Our downwinders up to Paracuru offer you great learning possibilities  And last but not least we can enjoy the best Açaí in Ceará!


Emboaca is a charming Brazilian village located right on the water.

During high tide, you can let off steam in the waves here and use the flat water at low tide to practice new tricks on the board. Of course, we also start great downwinders from here along the beautiful coast!

To relax, you can enjoy cool drinks at the beach bar and recharge your batteries for the next session on the water with tasty snacks.


Moitas is a typical Brazilian fishing village where you will find plenty of peace and relaxation as well as a beautiful kite spot. In the bay, which is right in front of our accommodation, the sea is very peaceful at low tide, while you can kite in clean waves at high tide. We will also start our daily downwinders from here. In the evening, you can visit the small restaurants in the town center and enjoy a great sunset on the nearby dunes.

Prea / Jeri

Our northernmost stop is Préa and Jeri. We will spend our stay in one of the most beautiful places - the Rancho do Kite Villas, located directly at the kite station and the Prea spot. With daily winds of 25 to 35 knots, we can enjoy every free second on the water right on our doorstep. In the afternoon, we get ready for a long downwinder into the sunset. We will also do a day trip to Jeri and downwind to Guriú river and Tatajuba.
This is definitely another spot that shouldn't be missed on our safari!

Your team in Brazil

The Primesurf team is traveling to Brazil since 2006. We know the perfect spots for kitesurfing and will guide you through the best waves. Its an unforgettable trip, that has to be done at least once in a lifetime.

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