Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the frequently asked questions. In case you have more questions, you can drop us a mail and we will answer you as soon as possible

Safari and kitesurfing

The kite safari is a trip recommended for advanced surfers /VDWS level 5 or higher.
We will do a lot of downwinders and kite at several wave spots. The downwinders can be up to 5-10 km long.
Knowing how to switch and ride toe side is an advantage.

We have a large amount of kites and boards from Duotone and Core Kiteboarding available for you.
There will be also waveboards from Cube Boards, our own brand, that you can try.
Our kite sizes range from 5m up to 13m.

For sure you can bring your own equipment if you want to. Please let us know in advance, so we can take care of your additional board bag during transfers from spot to spot.
There will be no price reduction if you bring your own equipment.

We will provide everything regarding kites, boards and bars. Please bring your own harness.

What else will be needed?

    • Lycra or wetshirt to protect you from the sun
    • Sunglasses for kiting if needed
    • A cap or hat
    • SPF
    • Your harness with leash
    • Neoprene shoes if needed

Travel and more

You can book the flights by yourself. Please check, or

Our team will fly with TAP to Brazil.
Since we are taking a lot of equipment with us and would be glad for your help, it would be great if we will be on the same flight if you participate in the first camp.

You dont need a car in Brazil. We will provide all transfers during the whole safari and also the transports back home after a downwinder.

Since it is the wind season in Brazil during our camps and there are almost no days without wind, we do not offer refunds or vouchers.
In case there should be a day without wind, we will do interesting theory lessons and explain things about the different equipment, the wind, techniques and everything else you want to know.

Please visit our travel partner Kiteworldwide for your bookings.
They are responsible for the whole booking process and will assess you with everything regarding the travel part.
You can book your flights with them as well.