Kite Safari

Are you ready to travel along the Northeast coast of Brazil with us?
Do you love to kitesurf in the waves and enjoy endless downwinders?
Our kite safari has it all!

Brazil is the perfect place with its steady and constant winds, wide beaches and long waves. We will go on a kite journey together and discover the best spots Brazil has to offer. During our safari we will visit three individual places, live in different hotels and pousadas and kite at various spots. Each place has its different characteristics and offers great conditions for downwinders and fantastic sessions in the Atlantic Ocean. The wind gets stronger the further north we go. We will start in Taiba, a very nice wave spot, with winds around 18 to 25 knots. Jeri and Prea, which are located around 200 km north, offer strong winds with around 30 knots on average. There will be Pick Ups that take us from the downwinder back to our main spot every day and shuttle us to the different locations. You will spend a lot time on the water, be supervised by professional instructors and discover the best kite spots of Brazil with us!


Safari 1: 28.10. - 11.11.23Safari 2: 11.11. - 25.11.23

✓  13 days supervised kitesurfing
✓  Individual learning
✓  Suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers / VDWS Level 4-7
✓  Professional support through VDWS-licensed instructors
✓  Premium equipment from Duotone, Core and Cube Boards
✓  Transfers from spot to spot
✓  Beach transfers for downwinders
✓  Ventures and living with like-minded people
✓  Kite Safari goodie

Prices Starting at:
Double room 3.670€ / Single room 4.380€
Flights are not included

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