Kitesurfing and Wingfoilingin an island paradise

In the middle of the Indian Ocean you will find Mauritius – the multi-spot for kitesurfing and wingfoiling.
Palm trees, white beaches and turquoise water provide a dream scenery for your vacation on the water. Offshore coral reefs will invite you to freeride and freestyle in shallow lagoons. Outside at the reef you will find perfect wave spots for every level. After your session you can sip a coconut, eat salted pineapple or dive with sperm whales. The diversity of the island leaves nothing to be desired.
Are you ready for your kite and wingfoil vacation in the “better summer”?

Le Morne, Mauritius

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Your trip in a nutshell

Every year in June and July we will go on a journey to paradise together. You can expect a 2-week kitesurfing/ wingfoiling camp with professional support. You will travel light, because we always have the latest kitesurfing and wingfoiling equipment from Duotone, Core and Cube Boards available for you.
At the most southwestern point of the island you will find the spot Le Morne with dreamlike lagoons and the view of the world-famous wave One Eye. The wind blows from onshore to sideshore and therefore offers great and constant conditions. At the reefs edge you can enjoy different wave spots for every level.

Community, Culture & Coconuts

Together with us you will not only spend an unforgettable time on the water but also discover the colorful diversity of the island. Climb the mountain Brabant as a little warm up before the session, visit the national parks or go on a boat tour to the dolphins and whales at sunrise. There is a lot to discover on Mauritius.
Stay with us in the palm forest, discover waterfalls, enjoy our barbecue evenings together and collect unforgettable moments on the water. Everyone will find their happy place here – that’s for sure!


Directly at the spot is the 550 m high 'Brabant'. If you climb to the top of the mountain, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view. From up here you can overlook the whole spot and watch the waves breaking on the reefs edge. A short hike up the hill behind the village is also worth it for great sunsets and watching flying foxes at dusk.

Seven-colored earth

A beautiful drive along many palm trees, coffee plants and pineapple plantations will take you to the seven-colored earth of Mauritius. A natural phenomenon you have to see. Other sights in the park of Chamarel are waterfalls and a small turtle farm. Afterwards you can taste a freshly squeezed sugar cane liquor.

Diving with whales and dolphins

At sunrise we will start our trip together to the sleepy fishing village Tamarin. From here we will go on a boat trip out to the Indian Ocean. If you can see a 'spray' on the horizon, they are not far away: the gigantic sperm whales. Together with our guide Bart we can dive with these giants and drop by the dolphin’s playground on our way back home.

Sevenfold waterfall

After a hike through the thicket and along steeper slopes, you will arrive at the Tamarind Falls, the sevenfold waterfall of Mauritius. The path leads along through, over and under the waterfalls. If you want, you can jump into the clear water from a cliff edge. On the tour through the green wilderness you can admire the beautiful landscape and enjoy a breathtaking view.

Your team in Mauritius

Join us for a magic trip to true paradise. Together we will get the best out of your time on the water and discover the beautiful spot in the Indian Ocean.

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