Welcome to our new yoga camps in Sicily! Our yoga instructor Madlin tells you what you can expect at our camps:

I’m Madlin and as a kitesurf instructor at Primesurf in Sicily, I like to combine yoga and kitesurfing as yoga helps build and strengthen the deep muscles needed for kitesurfing. After completing my 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, I discovered my great interest in teaching yoga, especially in combination with kitesurfing.

There are different types of yoga, but I particularly enjoy practicing vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa yoga is characterized by flowing movements accompanied by conscious breathing. I started practicing yoga myself a year and a half ago and quickly experienced how it helped me to clear my head and focus better on the here and now. Today, yoga is the ideal way for me to start the day.

That is why we start our day with a relaxing yoga class right next to our beautiful lagoon. Let your gaze wander over the lagoon while you breathe deeply and prepare your mind for the day. After the yoga session, the whole group will head out onto the water to go kitesurfing. We prepare the right equipment, analyze the wind together and then you’re ready to go!
After kiting, we do a more relaxed yoga session to stretch and regenerate ourselves.

In the evening, we meet at one of our bars by the lagoon and reflect on the day. We will also take you to the tastiest restaurants so that you are recharged for the next kite and yoga day!

As a special highlight, I offer you a special sunrise or sunset session directly on the beach during our yoga camps. When the wind stops, we immerse ourselves in the yoga philosophy and go on exciting excursions to explore the island together. Discover not only the mix of yoga and kitesurfing with our camps, but above all the beauty of Sicily and find your inner peace in the midst of our breathtaking landscapes!

I look forward to seeing you!

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