Experience an adventure on the turquoise sea: a boat trip to Favignana, the jewel off Sicily!

When the wind takes a break in Sicily, it’s time for a trip to the Egadi Islands. The coastline of Favignana reveals hidden coves, white sandy beaches and rocky shores that invite you to explore. Swim in the enticing waters, snorkel in underwater worlds teeming with life, or simply enjoy the sun on the deck.

So, here we go! What do we take with us on the boat? Our bathing suits, a towel, a sun hat, sunscreen of course, our snorkeling gear, plenty of water, delicious Italian snacks for refreshment and a cool drink for the evening aperitif.

So we usually start our boat day at Saro – because here you can get a large selection of paninis, small other snacks to take away or other delicacies. We also stock up on drinks and fruit at the supermarket and the fruit store Maria.

Day Trip Favignana Primesurf

The boat starts at the beach of San Teodoro. Here we load up all our stuff, stow our backpacks and then we’re off! We are heading towards Favignana, the largest of the Egadi islands. But of course the way is the goal! On the way to Favignana we stop after about 30 minutes at the first bay. Here turquoise water and an exciting underwater life awaits you! Jump with snorkel and fins into the cool water and discover many small fish. Back at the boat it’s time for the lunch snack. Strengthened and relaxed we continue and reach the second bay, Cala Rossa. Here many small boats are already moored, because in Sicily a boat trip around the Egadi Islands is popular and almost everyone here owns his own boat.

After a second snorkeling round we go to Favignana and moor. Favignana has a beautiful old town, there is of course excellent ice cream and we sit down and enjoy an espresso in the sun. On the island you can also have a delicious lunch.
When eating on this enchanting island you can expect real delicacies from the depths of the sea. Let yourself be seduced by juicy shrimps, tender calamari and delicious mussels.
After a short break on the island we go back on the boat. We circle the island a little further and then find the bar Pura Vida.
We moor and go up to the bar, because it is located on the cliffs of Favignana. The beach bar Pura Vida invites you! Immerse yourself in the cool atmosphere of this bamboo bar. In front of you stretches a dreamlike view of the endless horizon of the ocean.

What to drink? Of course a refreshing Aperol Spritz – what else in Sicily!

Day Trip Favignana Primesurf

After a successful Aperitif we start back towards San Teodoro. The sun is already slowly setting and you can see Sicily in an unbelievable light.
We go back to the starting point and leave the boat tired and happy. A boat trip to Favignana promises unforgettable moments that will take you to another world. So come on board and join us on this incredibly beautiful boat trip!
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Day Trip Favignana Primesurf
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