Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the frequently asked questions. In case you have more questions, you can drop us a mail and we will answer you as soon as possible

Kite Camps and Courses

We recommend the Basic Beginner Course which goes 9 Hours.

In our courses you will learn to control the kite and its power in a safe manner. Once you master the control of the kite, we will teach you how to get on the board.

We also strongly recommend the Kite Camps. In this camps we do 4-5 hours everyday during 6 days.

If you like to spend a good time in a group and want to learn how to kitesurf with like-minded people, this will be your thing. During the kite camps, you will spend as much time on the water as you can and practice every day. You will also do ventures together and explore the island with our team.

In the hourly based courses, you book package with a certain amount of hours. Once finished, you can book more hours or rent equipment if your level is safe enough.

The kite camp is a 6 days week course. We do around 4-5 hours of kiting per day.
It goes from Sundays to Fridays on specific dates, check the schedule here.
We also do theory units during no wind days. Besides that, we also organize excursions with the kite camp group.

Yes, you can do one with us.
As we are a certified VDWS School, we offer you to do a license after each course.
The license includes the VDWS Learn Book and costs 50€.
The license only costs 35€.

If you booked a course and you cannot use the time on the water, we will offer you a voucher, which you can use in your next visit.

For Kite Camps we do not offer refunds. During no wind time, we will do interesting theory lessons and explain different things about equipment, wind, technique and more things. We will also do some excursions with the group and keep you occupied.

We are only offering refunds in case of an injury. You need to present us a medical attest.

Vouchers are valid for one year.

Independent riders and rentals

We recommend bringing your own wetsuit, but we also have rental wetsuits at the school from size XS to size XL.

We also recommend that you bring long leggings or something similar, even in summer, as there are occasional sea anemones in the lagoon. These are aquatic animals that live on the bottom in the sea weed. When they come into contact with human skin, they can cause local skin irritation with reddening and swelling of the skin in very sensitive people. The nettles tingle slightly, in a few cases it burns a bit.  Aloe vera helps.

March- late April: 5/4
May-end May: 4/3
June-July: 3/2 or without neo
July-end of August: No neoprene but possibly long leggings
September: 3/2 or 4/3
October: 4/3 or 5/4

The subsoil in the lagoon is sandy/muddy. There are no dangerous animals in the lagoon for you to step on. When it is cold, for example in the months of March, April and October, we recommend shoes because of the temperatures.

Usually following sizes are the most used:

March, April & May: 7-13m
June & July: 9-14m
August & September: 9-17m
October: 7-15m

We have 2 kind of rates

Online rates: You can book at discounted prices if you book online. This rate you can only book consecutive days.
For example: 10 days from 1 of May to 7 May = 315€

Benefits: cheaper prices, secure equipment
Cons: no refund on no wind days

On site rates: This rates allows you to book the days you want. You pay a fix price of 70€ per day.

Benefits: you pay what you use.
Cons: you cannot reserve equipment

Travel and more

Best is to check, or

Try to fly to the airport of Trapani, it is ten minutes away from the spot and accommodations. rental cars are available at the airport.

If you fly through Palermo which is the most common, book your rental car directly there and drive to our area. This way you are fully independent at site.

There are various accommodations around the kite spot, here you will find a selection. You have to book the accommodation yourself.

Santa Maria Hotel
The hotel is right on the spot. Here you can choose between a hotel room or an apartment. There is a pool and a restaurant attached to the hotel.

Kite Hostel Stagnone 
The Kite Hostel is located in a vineyard and is 10 minutes by car from the spot. Here you will definitely meet other kitesurfers from the community. There is a large garden, a shared terrace and various room options.

Oasi Guzzetta 
In this hotel you can also choose between a room or an apartment. You will also find a community pool here. The accommodation is also about 10 minutes by car from the spot

We definitely recommend a rental car so that you can explore the island when there is no wind. There is no public transport or taxis in Lo Stagnone. It is best to look directly for car rental companies directly at the airport.