Learn kitesurfing in Lo Stagnone: Your first day

Ciao and welcome to Sicily, the island with lots of sun, wind, pistachios, fresh fish and so much fun! You have decided to learn kitesurfing with us? Congratulations, because Lo Stagnone is the right place for you. You are already wondering what your first kitesurfing day will look like? Then we will take you virtually to our school and tell you what to expect, we can’t wait!

On your first day we will meet you in our kite school directly at the spot. Your instructor will have already contacted you and discussed all the important information for your first day. When you arrive, your instructor will show you our kite school, our kite store, our equipment room and of course the kite spot. And you will get to know the team on site, so you will always find a contact person.

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Before it goes to the theory and into the water, we will get you dressed. Your instructor will help you find a wetsuit, the perfect harness, helmet and vest. Then it’s off to your theory lesson and the basics of kitesurfing. Together you will go to our setup area, where you will meet other kitesurfers and trainers. You will learn everything about wind directions, wind conditions, the so-called wind window and much more. Then it’s time for the kite setup: Which kite do I choose? What is a bar? And how do I lay out the lines and set up the kite? All this will be explained in the theory lesson, no questions will be left unanswered!

Depending on the wind conditions on that day, you will go out on the water after the theory lesson. You have already set up the kite during the theory lesson, so now it’s time to get into the neoprene and get going. On your first day you will learn how to fly the kite. Which movements do I actually have to make with the bar so that the kite moves to the left or right? Or how does it feel to fly a kite in the sky?

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After your first successful kite day you come out of the water together with your instructor. Your instructor discusses the day with you and plans the next steps.

And then of course you celebrate your first kite steps! There are plenty of bars at the spot where you can end the day with a cool drink and enjoy Sicily’s breathtaking sunsets.

Sounds good? We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your Primesurf Sicily Team

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