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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the frequently asked questions. In case you have more questions, you can drop us a mail and we will answer you as soon as possible

Kite and Wingfoil Camps

Our kite and wingfoil camps are perfect for everyone, who is already able to go upwind.
Mauritius offers perfect spots for those, who like to kite with a twintip, a surfboard or hit the water with a wingfoil.

During the camps, we will spend as much time on the water as possible.
Most of the days we will have 2 sessions for 2-3 hours each where we will improve your kite and wing skills together.

The camp offers you supervised kitesurfing and wingfoiling with like-minded people. We will show you the best spot and practice every day.
Its an individual learning depending on your skills. We also do theory units during no wind days and explore the island together.
You will be supervised by licensed trainers and achieve maximum learning success.

We have all the latest equipment from Duotone, Core and Cube Boards available for you.
If you would like to test something specific, don’t hesitate to contact us in advance. We will do our best to fulfill your wishes.

More about kitesurfing and wingfoiling

Yes, please bring your own wetsuit and also your harness.
We would recommend a 3/2 neoprene and a 4/3 for very windy days.

We recommend to bring neoprene shoes.
In Mauritius you will find coral beaches, so it is more comfortable to wear shoes and protect your feed.
If you don’t like to wear neoprene shoes in the water, bring some slippers that you can use for setting up your equipment.

The kite sizes depend on the wind, your weight and whether you use it with a surfboard or the twintip (for kiters).
Usually a 8m to 12m kite is used the most in the lagoon. If you want to kite in the wave, 6m to 8m are often sufficient.
Similar case with the wings – sizes from 3 to 5 are used to most.

Travel and more

Yes, there will be an airport transfer to our accommodation. If you booked the condor flight through our condor agency number, the transfer will be already included.
If you are arriving at a different flight or booked the condor flight externally, we will charge 30€ per person.

There is no need to rent a car. Our Pick Ups will bring us everywhere:
to the village where we will enjoy our breakfast, to the spot, back home and to the lovely restaurants in the evenings or excursions on no wind days.

Our accommodations are self-catered.
You are welcome to join our group for breakfast at a small restaurant on the way to the spot.
There will be a tasty buffet that offers something for everyone. Price is around 18-20€ per person.
We will have lunch in between our sessions at one of the food trucks directly at the beach and enjoy a barbecue in the evening or visit one of the local restaurants.

For Mauritius we do not offer refunds / vouchers. During no wind time, we will do interesting theory lessons and explain different things about equipment, wind, technique and more things. We will also do some excursions with the group and keep you occupied.

Primesurf Mauritius house camp view

Accommodation: Primesurf villas

Our Primesurf Villas

In Mauritius we will live together in a huge private area. In the middle of the palm forest there are several houses with different rooms. The large main primesurf villa is equipped with a kitchen, where we can prepare our delicacies for joint cooking evenings. Some of the houses have a pool where you can cool off after a long day of kiting and wingfoiling. By car we drive about 15 minutes to our spot Le Morne. In the nearest village you will find a supermarket and also the small restaurants that we visit together in the evenings. Directly in front of our area you can enjoy the sunsets at a small beach section or watch the waterplanes taking off.

✓ Huge private area
✓ Individual rooms and houses
✓ Kitchens and living rooms
✓ Large outdoor area
✓ Pool and barbecue available
✓ Close to the water
✓ Wifi

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The super modern main house has a total of three rooms, each with a double bed and its own bathroom. There is also an additional guest toilet and outdoor showers.

The rooms are very spacious and stylishly furnished. The large living room with glass front and the open kitchen with kitchen island have a loft-like character. In the outdoor area there is a large dining table where everyone can sit and two cozy sofa corners with fireplace and barbecue. From the large pool you can look directly at the Brabant mountain and make yourself comfortable on the sun loungers. A perfect place to enjoy yourself out of the water!

This house has a total of two rooms, each equipped with double beds. Each of the rooms has the special feature of its own bathroom, which is covered under the open sky.

The house also has its own kitchen, a spacious living room and a beautiful terrace with a perfect view of the Brabant mountain.

The house in this category has two basic rooms. Both of them are equipped with a double bed. The bathroom is shared by both rooms. There is a kitchen in the house, which can be used at any time. In the large garden you can relax after the session, recharge your batteries or cool off in the pool.

Category As Single room As Double Room
Prime 1.990 € 1.390 €
Superior 1.790 € 1.190 €
Standard 1.390 € 990 €

Prices per person
Prices are accommodation only. Only bookable together with the Wingfoil & Kite Camp.

Primesurf Mauritius One Eye Wave

Wingfoil & Kite Camps

Kite & Wingfoil Camps

You want to go kitesurfing or wingfoiling with other water sports fans and have a great time together with like-minded people?
Then our camp will be perfect for you!

In the morning we will leave from our accommodation with loaded pick-ups to the nearest village, where we strengthen ourselves with a rich and hearty breakfast buffet for a long day on the water.
Arrived at the spot with its dreamlike lagoon and the different wave spots we will kitesurf and wingfoil together, learn new tricks or do the first turns in the wave! We will accompany you on the water, give you tips and consolidate your skills on the board.
At noon we will have a refreshment at the food truck. Rice and noodle pans or fresh paninis will give you energy for the second session. A little secret tip: try the salted pineapple with chili or a freshly picked coconut at the fruit stand! Now it’s time for the second session.
After a long day on the water we will make our way back to the accommodation. Here we will enjoy a barbecue together or check out one of the local restaurants.


✓  14 days supervised training
✓  Individual learning
✓  Dates in June and July
✓  Suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers
VDWS Level 4-7
✓  Professional support through VDWS-licensed instructors
✓  Premium equipment from Duotone, Core and Cube Boards (our own surfboard brand)
✓  Ventures and living with like-minded people
✓ Kite & Wingfoil Camp Goodie

Prices per Person per Camp.
Camp: 1400€ / Equipment use Add-on: +210€
Plus Accommodation depending on Room Category

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