Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the frequently asked questions. In case you have more questions, you can drop us a mail and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Kite Camps and Courses

We recommend the Basic Beginner Course I or II.
In this course you will learn to control the kite and its power in a safe manner. Once you master the control of the kite, you will be teached  how to get on the board.

BASIC I (8 hours) – 2-3 days / Recommended for everyone who has previous board experience

BASIC II (12 hours) – 3-4 days /Recommended for everyone who never tried kitesurfing before

We also strongly recommend the Makani Kite Camps where you will practice 4-5 hours on the water everyday during 6 days.

If you like to spend a good time in a group and want to learn how to kitesurf with like-minded people, this will be your thing.
During the kite camps, you will spend as much time on the water as you can and practice every day.
You will also do ventures together and explore the Red Sea and El Gouna with Makanis camp instructors.

In the hourly based courses, you will book a package with a certain amount of hours. If you need more practice, you can book additional lessons afterwards or rent equipment on your own if your level is safe enough.

The kite camp is a 6 days week course. You will practice  around 4-5 hours per day. Everyone will be trained by Makanis instructors according to the individual level. The kite camps take place from Sundays to Fridays on specific dates. You can check the schedule here.
You will also do theory lessons during no wind days and excursions with the whole kite camp group.

As Makani is a certified VDWS School, you can get a license after each course.
The price for the license including the VDWS Learn Book is 50€.
The price for the license only is 35€.

If you booked a course and cannot use the time on the water, Makani offers you a voucher, which you can use for your next visit.

For Kite Camps there is no refund. During no wind time, you will do interesting theory lessons and learn different things about equipment, wind, technique and more. You will also do some excursions together with the group.

There will be refunds in case of an injury. You need to present a medical attest.

Vouchers will be valid for one year.

Independent riders and rentals

We recommend bringing your own wetsuit, but in any case you can also rent on site. There are wetsuits in all sizes, from XS to XXXL.

We also recommend that you bring a wetshirt or something similar to protect yourself from the sun if you want to go kiting without a neoprene.

From December to March we recommend a 5/4 or 4/3 wetsuit.
From April/ May and October/November a 3/2 wetsuit will be a good choice.
During the summer month, June to September, the temperatures will be warm enough that you won’t need a wetsuit. Please bring a wetshirt and boardshorts and enough Sun Cream to protect you against the sun.

We recommend you to bring neoprene shoes to protect your feet, because there might be some shells in the water. If you don’t like to wear shoes in the water, you can bring  some slippers for setting up your gear at the beach.
Note that if you go without shoes in the water, you might step on a shell. We recommend to walk slowly without stepping hard while walking.

Travel and more

Best is to check Kayak.com, Kiwi.com or skyscanner.com

Try to fly to the airport of Hurghada. It is about 40 minutes away from Makani Beach Club, the spot and accommodations. Feel free to contact us for an airport shuttle.

There are many hotels in El Gouna. Makani cooperates with the Three Corner Hotels:

The Three Corners Rihana Resort

The Rihana Hotel is a great hotel which is located next to Downtown. You will find many pools and sliders here, which makes it ideal for families and kids.
You can book the hotel here at special rates.

The Three Corners Ocean View
The Ocean View is located in the Abu Tig Marina and offers directly Red Sea views. It is an hotel only for adults. Kids need to be at least 16 years old.
You can book the hotel here at special rates.

Makani offers free shuttles from the Ocean View and Rihana to the Beach Club. Please check the shuttle schedule.

Other Hotels in Gouna

There are many other options for your accommodation.

Captains In, Ali Pasha, Turtles In are located in the Abu Tig Marina, a nice location with plenty of restaurants.

The Casa Cook, Cooks Club, Mövenpick, Sheraton,  Steigenberger, Paradiso Hotel are other lovely hotels you can visit.

Check out this Link for special rates.

Makani offers a free shuttle service from the Rihana and Ocean View hotel to the Beach Club.
If you want to move at any other time, you can use the TokToks. Those 3-wheel indian style taxis will bring you everywhere in El Gouna for a small charge.

Check the schedule here.

Beach Club

Makani Beach Club Health Healthy food

Bar & Restaurant

The values are based on natural, ecologic and real good food! It caters for everyone.
That’s why Makani also came up with a healthy menu to delight you.

Breakfast 9:00 until 13:00
Lunch from 12:00 until 17:00
Special Barbecue Evenings – check the schedule on site

Check out the menu

and much more...

Transfer Services

Airport Services

Transfer from Airport

One way Round Trip
Car 23€ 46€
Bus 30€ 60€

Daily Hotel Shuttle

From the hotels to Makani

The Three Corners Rihana 08:30 09:30
The Three Corners Ocean View 08:35 09:35
Makani Beach Club 08:45 09:45

From Makani to the hotels

Makani Beach Club 16:30 17:30 18:30
The Three Corners Ocean View 16:40 17:40 18:40
The Three Corners Rihana 16:45 17:45 18:45

Storage & Rental


You have the possibility to rent your whole equipment at Makani Beach Club. There will be everything from wetsuits and harnesses to kites, boards and wingfoil equipment on site for you.
You will rent your equipment for the whole day and can change your kite and board sizes depending on the wind during the day. In the kite school you will always find someone who will give you tips and recommendations for the right equipment that suits you best.
The same applies for all the wingfoiling gear.


✓  Kites & bars from Duotone
✓  Available kite sizes: 6 to 14m
✓  Twintips from Duotone
✓  Available board sizes from 135 to 154
✓  Waveboards from Duotone & Cube Boards
✓  Harnesses, wetsuits and safety gear from ION

✓ Wings from Duotone
✓ Boards & foils from Fanatic

Storage & Beach Use

You can also bring your own equipment to Makani and keep it safe in one of the boxes. There will be storages for individuals or whole groups. If you book a storage at Makani, the beach fee is already included and you can use all the services for free.

Of course, you can also take your equipment home with you. There will be a fee for the use of all the facilities of the center. A lifeguard service is always included in this fee.


The storage fee includes the fee for the beach. You will be able to use all facilities at Makani as well.

✓  Kite facilities and services
✓  Compressor
✓  Rescue boat
✓  Use of all other facilities at the Beach Club
✓  Showers with warm water
✓  Area to rinse boards and bars
✓  Area for cleaning and drying kites
✓  Sauna (during winter time)

Makani Kite Events

Kite Camps

Kite camps

You want to learn kitesurfing with other water sport lovers and spend a great time together with like-minded people?
Then the kite camp will be perfect for you!

Here different kite levels come together. You start the day together at the Makani Beach Club, discuss the daily wind conditions, improve your kite skills on the water and practice the whole day. In the evening you will end the long kite day with a cool drink at the beach bar. You will discover the favorite restaurants in town or enjoy the famous barbecue & fooseball nights at Makani. If there will be one or the other day without wind, you will go on excursions together, enjoy a boat trip through the Red Sea to see the dolphins, marvel at the coral reefs while snorkeling or explore the desert of Egypt. Together you will have a great time and spend every minute on the water!
We will be glad to help you to find the right accommodation.


✓  6 days intensive group course, 4-5 hours training per day
✓  4-6 participants per instructor
✓  Suitable for all levels: Beginners, water starters and advanced / VDWS Level 0-7
✓  Professional support through VDWS-licensed instructors
✓  Premium equipment from Core Kiteboarding and Duotone
✓  Interesting theory chapters
✓  Activities and ventures with like-minded people
✓ Kite Camp Goodie

Price: 660€

Book now

makani kite duotone


Kitesurf courses

Makani offers kitesurf courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. You will be taught with the latest equipment from Fanatic and Duotone. The kite school provides you with everything necessary such as wetsuit, impact vest, helmet and shoes. Makani offers you kite courses in German, English, French as well as Arabic. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about learning kitesurfing or your personal level.

Wingfoil courses

Makani also offers wingfoil courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. You will be taught with the latest equipment from Fanatic and Duotone. The center will provide you with everything necessary such as wetsuit, impact vest, helmet and shoes. There will be a variety of instructors that can offer you kite courses in German, English, French as well as Arabic. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about learning wingfoiling or your personal level.