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VDWS Instructor Training

VDWS Instructor Training

VDWS Instructor Training

Are you an enthusiastic kitesurfer and do you feel like sharing your knowledge through interaction with other kite fans? Do you enjoy spending time outdoors?
Turn your hobby into a profession together with us and the VDWS (Verband Deutscher Wassersport Schulen e.V.)!

The VDWS represents a large watersports network. It focuses on various activities, including training water sports instructors, supporting water sports schools, ensuring high quality standards in education, continuously maintaining and improving the basic licence system, providing services and products, and representing the interests of water sports instructors and water sports schools.

The versatile VDWS training system for water sports instructors offers the opportunity to develop and continuously expand a tailor-made professional profile. In this way, as a VDWS instructor you can build up specific knowledge during your training.The theoretical knowledge and practical skills are then passed on in your teaching activities for both beginners and advanced learners. VDWS Instructor training is complemented by various opportunities for professional development.

Below overview shows the different parts of a kiteboarding instructor eduction with VDWS which we support as VDWS partner at our spots in Sicily and El Gouna.

Kiteboarding instructors bear the crucial responsibility of ensuring the safety and progress of their students in the water. They must possess the ability to make swift, sound decisions, maintain constant vigilance over their surf class, and always remain attentive.

By going through the training stages and thereby obtaining the official instructor certification you are well qualified to teach kitesurfing to students in any VDWS partner school.

These general prerequisites should be met for the instructor training on our premises:

Strong passion about kitesurfing

Good physical fitness and kite skills

Fluency in German and English

Sense of duty and reliability

Start your VDWS Instructor Training at our spots in Sicily (Italy) or in El Gouna (Egypt).You can find more information about the trainings and training dates at our premises on the VDWS website:

Level 1 Kiteboarding Instructor

Watersport Assistant

  • Education time: 2-8 weeks
  • Prerequisite: minimum age 16 years, Passing the VDWS basic license theoretical and practical parts
  • Be a helping hand in one of our kite schools, get to know the internal processes and the daily instructor work such as: school organization and rental, safety concepts, customer contact, equipment and service, maintenance and repair, beginner courses
  • Register via the kiteschool that will document your achievements and arrange with the VDWS for you
  • Benefits: Get a full VDWS membership for the two following years and secure discounts for the consecutive education levels

Watersport Assistant
Level 2 Kiteboarding Instructor

Level 1 Kiteboarding Instructor

  • Education time: 8 days
  • Prerequisite: minimum age 18 years, VDWS basic license level 6, VDWS membership
  • Pass the practical and theoretical exams as well as the teaching exam at the end of the VDWS instructor course.
  • Register for one of the instructor courses on the VDWS website

Level 1 Kiteboarding Instructor Seminar
Watersport Assistant VDWS

Level 2 Kiteboarding Instructor

  • Education time: 50-100 hours (depending on whether you are a watersport assistant already)
  • Prerequisite: Level 1 Kiteboarding Instructor exams have successfully been passed, first aid and rescue certificates
  • Work with our experienced instructors who will pass their experise on to you such as analysing lessons and their specifics, planning carrying out and reflecting own teaching, office support, repairs, rescue activities, rental, customer contact, handling VDWS licenses
  • Complete the final exam of teaching with your internship supervisor
  • Align with our internship center of your choice and fix contract details

Level 2 Kiteboarding Instructor Training
Kitesurfing Primesurf Sicily Handwasch Duotone

Level 3 Kiteboarding Instructor

  • Education time: 2 days
  • Prerequisite: Valid Level 2 Kiteboarding Instructor, VDWS membership, advanced kitesurf skills and teaching experience
  • Focus on the techniques of intermediate and advanced kiteboarding and learn how to impart this knowledge efficiently such as concrete training of individual manoeuvres or techniques, deepening material knowledge and physical basics, use of methods and digital media in training and extension of the didactic knowledge
  • Complete the final practical exam
  • Register for one of the instructor courses on the VDWS website

Level 3 Kiteboarding Instructor

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Primesurf Team Greece Kite Kitesticker Branding Water Sea Blue

Team Riders

Team Riders

Team Riders

Get to know our exceptional team of riders who embody the spirit of passion and dedication towards kitesurfing and inspire others with their commitment to and joy they find in the sport.

Explore the unique stories of our team riders.


Mila Wolters, 26 years old, German / Dutch

Discipline: Freestyle
Hobbies: Wakeboarding, Running
Sponsors: Primesurf
Homespot: Fehmarn – Orth/Grüner Brink, Lemkenhafen
Favorite Spot: Sicily – Lo Stagnone
Favorite tricks: Raley to Blind, Inverted Frontroll

For me, kitesurfing means spending time with good friends and having fun together, no matter where you are in the world.
Falco and I have already spent a lot of time in different places around the world, got to know new cultures and made new friends.
We were particularly taken with the small island of Sicily, where we were warmly welcomed in 2020 by. Primesurf and where I learned my first turns and jumps.
There is no better feeling for me than gliding over the water, learning new tricks and spending time by the sea. A day at the sea is always a good day for me!“


Falco Lentzsch, 30 years old, German

✓ Discipline: Freestyle
✓ Hobbies: Wakeboard, Snowboard, Fitness
✓ Sponsors: Koldshapes, Primesurf
✓ Homespot: Fehmarn – Orth/Grüner Brink, Großenbrode
✓ Favorite Spot: Griechenland – Cape Drepano, Sizilien – Lo Stagnone
✓ Favorite trick: Blindjudge 3, Backmobe

Kitesurfing is much more than just a sport for me. I have found in kitesurfing what I want to do in every free minute of my life.

At the same time, for me it means spending time with friends I have met all over the world. This is especially true for me and Mila in Sicily, where we spent a lot of time, got to know Primesurf and found a second home. I can only recommend everyone to get to know “la dolce vita” in Sicily at least once.

Besides Sicily, of course, our home spot Fehmarn is a place where we always stop when we go kiting. It’s not unusual for a short coffee to turn into a long dinner. Since I’m primarily on the road for freestyle, I’m always on the lookout for new flatwater spots.

Besides Sicily and Greece, where there is world-class flat water, the spots here in the north don’t have to hide either. Around Fehmarn, as well as all over Denmark, there are various fjords and headlands where you can find perfect flat water for almost any wind direction.

Team Rider Primesurf Eli Jelinkova


Eli Jelinkova, 25 years old, Czech

✓ Discipline
Old School and Big Air
✓ Hobbies
Besides kitesurfing I enjoy exploring new places, hiking, wakeboarding and fitness.
✓ Sponsors
Primesurf, Ride Engine, Gopro Czech
✓ Homespot
I’ve never tried kiting in my home country – Czech Republic, so the spot where I’ve learnt to kite and spent the most time is undoubtedly El Gouna, Egypt.
✓ Favorite Spot
To date
My favorite spot has to be Speed Spot in Dakhla, Morocco. The strong and stable winds, along with the smooth, glassy water, make it ideal for easy take-offs and high jumps with great hang time.
✓ Favourite trick

Board off Tic Tac, Kiteloops and for sure all kind of front roll variations.

Kitesurfing is always grounding me in the present moment and immersing my mind in a state of pure flow.I’m enjoying the process of learning new tricks and conquering personal fears.
This shared enthusiasm connects me with the Primesurf team as we have a blast together on the water, whether it’s kitesurfing or wingfoiling.
Being surrounded by fellow enthusiasts enhances the experience even more, as we can share the excitement in pursuing our shared love for watersports.

Clément Cornière Team Rider Primesurf


Clément Cornière, born 1987, French

Discipline: Big Air, Old-school
Hobbies: Traveling
Sponsors: Primesurf
Homespot: France – Chatelaillon
Favorite Spot: Costa Rica
Favorite tricks: barefoot, boogie contraloop, and the exhilarating board off kite loop

Hi, this is Clement from France. I am a big fan of big air and old-school kitesurfing. Traveling and exploring the world while kitesurfing is my passion. Excited to share that I have recently joined the PrimeSurf team, and I am thrilled to embark on this new journey with them. My home spot is in Chatelaillon, situated in the beautiful south-west of France, along the Atlantic coast.

Among all the places I’ve visited, Costa Rica holds a special place in my heart, mainly because of the consistently strong winds, often exceeding 35+ knots. When I’m out there, my favorite tricks to perform are the barefoot, boogie contraloop, and the exhilarating board off kite loop.

Looking forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts on the water!

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about us

About us

About Us

About Us

Our Story

We are a group of like minded water sports enthusiast, here we want to tell you a little story about how we came together.

We started back in the days as interns, eager to learn how to transport our passion for kitesurfing to others. Our journey began in the former small town of El Gouna in Egypt. We wanted to kite as much as possible, and to work as an instructor helps you to get a lot of time on the water. After a couple of years working and progressing as kitesurfing instructors, the opportunity opened to become the heads of the school we were working for.

From there, it was a quick and steep learning curve during which we opened other stations all around the world, to share our passion and give others the chance to experience the life we are living so happily. Time teaches you certain things and over the years we realized that we want to form a network of schools under one big roof in order to have the level of professionalism we aim for.

So this is it!
We have a vast variety of different locations, fixed and mobile all around the globe. With primesurf, we can assure that everything runs as smoothly for you as possible. We can provide you with the same level of quality experiences, the best equipment and most importantly our prime community.

Ready to explore? Become prime!

Our Team

We love what we do and we do what we love. Its an honour to be able to be in the water as much as possible and to show you a part of our lives.

This is us!

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