Wave & Kite Camp

Taiba and Taibinha are well known for countless waves and amazing downwinders.
This makes it a perfect location to host a wave & kite camp here. Together we will learn how to kite in the waves, improve your skills on the board and get better every day. You can expect a week camp with maximum time on the water, individual learning success and supervised kitesurfing through our professional instructors. We will show you all the tips and tricks you need to become an expert on the board. Our selection of boards from Duotone, Core and Cube Boards enables you to test different shapes and brands. We will have all the latest equipment available for you.


21.10. - 28.10.2023

✓  6 days supervised kitesurfing
✓  Individual learning
✓  Suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers / VDWS Level 4-7
✓  Professional support through VDWS-licensed instructors
✓  Premium equipment from Duotone, Core and Cube Boards
✓  Beach transfers for downwinders
✓  Ventures and living with like-minded people
✓  Kite Camp goodie

starting at 1340€ in double room
starting at 1640€ in single room

✓  Possibility to join the safari 1 afterwards

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